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(English) Bridges

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(English) Some of the Pandrol products can provide zero longitudinal restraint (ZLR) capability which can allow the rail to move longitudinally without transferring any load to the structure. This can provide the opportunity to separate the rail expansion joints and structural expansion joints to different locations for improved safety. Ballasted track on bridges can generally be considered as plain line track although for very long structures some consideration for track structure interaction may be required. The nature of bridges can often lead to secondary noise from elements of the bridge structure which may resonate as a result of vibration from the passing train. To deal with this Pandrol provides several options from high to very low attenuation systems. Click on the tabs below to view products suited to this application. If you know the name of the product you are looking for you can see a full list in the Products section. To talk about your requirements with one of our team members find details of your local office in our contacts area.  
  • Ballasted track (자갈도상 궤도)
  • Non Ballasted Track (무도상 궤도)